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There is LOTR fanfic which I do not care to read twice or even finish, and there is LOTR fanfic which I enjoyed immensely for various reasons and want to read again and again. A number of stories definitely belonging to the latter category will be hosted with the authors' permission on "Arandur Mine".

At the moment all the hosted stories are slash stories, meaning they deal in one way or another with same sex relationships. If you haven't reached the legal age of consent, if you're not allowed to read homoerotic fiction in your part of the world, or if this simply isn't your cup of tea, there are countless other places you can visit.

These stories contain loving, more or less explicit depictions of love between men or women, so please heed the warnings and ratings attached to each story.

General disclaimer: Not ours, Tolkien's and P. Jackson's.

The Games We Play by Menel (Legolas/Haldir, Legolas/Aragorn, NC-17)

What would the consequences be if Aragorn had to barter something, or someone, in exchange for passage through Lórien? (Inspired by Aragorn and Haldir's whispered discussion in the “Fellowship” extended DVD.)
Disclaimer: All characters and places belong to Tolkien and New Line Cinema. The great man is no doubt turning in his grave.
Warnings: AU, OOC, combination of book and movie verse. Some dialogue and descriptions are lifted or liberally paraphrased from both mediums. Slight BDSM in Part IV.
Author's Notes: This fic is a response to Catz's challenge posted on the HLA Slash list. Thanks to her for the inspiration and to Panthera for providing beta.

In Your Image by Menel (Legolas/Aragorn, Legolas/Eldarion, NC-17)

Legolas is given a second chance at love from an unexpected source, but will he be able to overcome his feelings for Aragorn to find happiness at last?
Disclaimer: Only unknown characters are mine. Nothing else belongs to me, not even the plot, which is courtesy of Lady Osolone. The fic is dedicated to her.
Author's Notes: This piece is set post-ROTK.

Parting Gift by Menel (Legolas/Eldarion, Legolas/Haldir, Legolas/Eldarion/Haldir, NC-17)

Set post-ROTK. The new lovers, Legolas and Eldarion travel to Lothlórien to help Haldir and the remaining Lórien Elves in their preparations to go over Sea, but they encounter unseen obstacles along the way. Sequel to In Your Image.
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Tolkien and his estate. I write with the utmost respect for the great man.
Author's Note: Special thanks goes to Panthera for her efficient and speedy beta.

Bliss by Cinzia (Eomer/Faramir, Aragorn/Boromir (implied), PG-15)

Set after the end of the War. Eomer and Faramir talk about Boromir, King Elessar, and the facts of life, on a very special day.
Warning: Spoilers for The Return of the King.
Author's Notes: Many many thanks to Lizzie, kindest and most patient of beta-readers!

Fading by Cinzia (Aragorn/Boromir, PG)

Fading away.
Warning: Character death.
Author's Notes: This one's for Silvia. "Nin meleth" is (I hope) Sindarin for "my love."

Not to Hold by Kandadze (Arwen/Eowyn, G-R)

During their "ever after" the girls must have visited each other...

Rewriting History by Your Cruise Director (Aragorn/Boromir, PG-13)

Aragorn thinks about what might have been.

Silence by Cinzia (Aragorn/Boromir, NC-17)

In the Mines of Moria all is darkness.