Right from the first time I read "The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien, I fell utterly and totally in love with Boromir, man of Gondor, son of Denethor, Captain of the Guard of Minas Tirith. A flawed but utterly human warrior who succumbed to the lure of the Ring but redeemed himself heroically in the end. For these reasons many people do not care for Boromir much, considering other characters more worthy and loveable, but this man from the South appealed to me in ways I cannot really describe. After countless readings of the book, and after having viewed the movie many times, I still have this tiny unrealistic hope that this time he will not get tempted by the Ring, and that he will not be killed while trying to rescue two young Hobbits. Flawed as he may have been, to me he also was the most human and interesting companion of the Fellowship of the Ring. Having watched Sean Bean's stunning performance as Boromir, bringing him to life on the screen just the way I imagined he would be, made this attraction even more firmly anchored in my soul.

Sasjah Miller


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