Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin

Natural History

"An eager pupil is the master's delight"

A note: Special thanks to Menel for the wonderful beta job. Any mistakes remain my own.
And a warning: This story may be considered blasphemous by those with a rigid interpretation of the Bible.

Con Amore (WIP)

A series of drabbles on the "Seven Deadly Sins" and "Seven Heavenly Virtues". Dante considered the Seven Deadly Sins to be offenses against love and grouped them accordingly. "Pride", "Envy" and "Wrath/Anger" were forms of "Perverted Love". "Sloth" was a sign of "Insufficient Love", and "Avarice"/"Greed", "Gluttony" and "Lust" he regarded as "Excessive Love of Earthly Goods". This series started off with Envy as a stand-alone drabble, but I stumbled upon Dante's classification and that is forming the inspiration for the rest of this series.

Ship's Rations

"Scarcity is not always a bad thing"
Written as a birthday present for cruisedirector. Ultraspeed and insightful beta by Menel.