Natural History

by Sasjah Miller


"My dear Stephen, what are you doing?" Jack curiously inquired as he raised his head, wondering why Stephen was no longer resting against the hollow of his neck but instead was raised on his elbows, eyes trained firmly on Jack's chest.

Stephen's fingers lazily traced the outlines of Jack's body, following familiar patterns that never ceased to be completely new as he answered, posing a question of his own, a wondering tone to his voice.

"The human body is a most curious invention, wouldn't you agree, my dear? Full of quirks and oddities that cannot be explained by the mere will of God, I would presume."

"Mere will of God? Heavens, Stephen! What's next in your catalog of blasphemy? That the two of us have not been partaking in an unnatural act these past few months, defying God's will and the pre-ordained state of nature?" Jack struggled to sit up straighter, mildly shocked, but Stephen smiled good-naturedly and pushed him back onto the mattress again.

"Let me rephrase that, oh joy, since you know I sincerely don't believe that we are doing anything against God's 'mere will'. Do not fear for my soul since I do not fear for it myself. I am simply referring to the fact that the human body, and I mean /any/ human body, not just a splendid specimen as the one that I now have the immeasurable pleasure of gazing at, is so utterly and naturally beautiful in its expedition. And I will prove to you that sodomy is not unnatural, and hence not against God's will."

Jack sighed rather dejectedly, since he felt another one of Stephen's lectures coming on. Although he normally enjoyed Stephen's rattling on about natural history or deliberating on a philosophical argument, the sound of his voice was soothing to Jack's ears and had a wonderful way of bringing on a light afternoon nap, but at the moment he would rather that Stephen would deal with other, more pressing matters of a physical albeit illicit and God-defying nature.

But then Stephen idly flicked one of Jack's nipples, the action sending a painfully delicious shiver through Jack's body.

"Have you never wondered about it all, my love?" Stephen said as he bowed his head and licked the nipple he had just nicked, increasing the pleasurable sensations in a particular part of Captain Aubrey's lower body.

"Why would men be so different from women and yet be so equal in so many respects? We both have lips, that we can use for eating and drinking … and kissing," he reached up and kissed Jack's mouth, his tongue finding its way inside, pressing the point home as it were, leaving them both slightly breathless when he broke the kiss, Jack's eyes already glazing over with lust, all thoughts of gentle slumbering forgotten. Stephen slid down again, finding one nipple with his mouth, taking the other between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing it rather firmly until Jack started to moan and writhe under his touch.

"It is of exceeding interest to me why both the male and female of the human species are gifted with these fleshy mounds. Clearly, in the female it serves a very real use, providing food and comfort to the human child, yet in a man there is no need for this, since we men are incapable of bearing a child, let alone nursing it."

Jack's moans increased as Stephen's mouth raked over his chest, licking and nibbling at Jack's nipples, but he managed to utter at least a few coherent words before he was reduced to complete incoherence.

"It would seem, love, that you have found a use for them, after all," he gasped as Stephen's mouth slid lower over his body, twirling around the little curls that lay there, pointing downwards to a place full of delight for both of them.

"Indeed it would seem so, and that is exactly my point: the pleasure the tweaking and rubbing of a man's nipples brings its owner is the same as it is for a female."

Stephen continued his lecture, his mouth sliding slowly down, his hands cupping Jack's sides, holding them firmly, because Jack had started to buck against Stephen's mouth, craving his touch, not only to be firmer, but to be applied to other places as well, and he put his hands on the top of Stephen's head, to push him down, down…

But Stephen would not let himself be thwarted, or pushed about so, and as he ever so slowly opened up Jack's breeches, undoing the laces, and the buttons, and enjoyed the ever pleasing sound of Jack's sudden gasping, he continued.

"And most curious of all is that apparently that which was meant to bring forth children and possibly pleasure a woman is put to such good use, namely the pleasure and joy that bodies can give each other. Did not Jesus himself say 'Do not unto others as you would have done unto yourself'? And this, of course, can also be paraphrased as 'Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself'. And, my darling Jack, that is exactly what I am planning to do." [

With those words Stephen's mouth descended on Jack, taking him in fully, his lips nimbly pressing here, pulling there, his tongue swirling about, finding the secret places that nearly sent Jack over the edge, but not before Stephen had tasted fully that which was utterly forbidden fruit in the Navy. And it made Jack come all over in Stephen's mouth and Stephen swallowed and held him as Jack bucked and moaned until his voice was hoarse with spent passion.

Only then did Stephen look up, a triumphant smile playing around his lips as he kissed the tip of Jack's spent member, sending shivers through his lover's body.

"Are you convinced, Jack, or do you need another lesson?"

Jack reached down and pulled Stephen up to him, kissing him tenderly and stroking his hair.

'I am quite convinced, love, for the moment, but I fear I am a terribly bad student at all things unnautical, awfully forgetful and all, and will most definitely need a reminder tomorrow."

At that, Stephen laughed and kissed Jack's lips, assuring him he was the best pupil a man could ever wish for.


The End