July 27, 2005: Day Twenty of the After Images Series: "Above the Dimrill Gate".

May 29, 2005: Young Boromir. Young Faramir. Denethor. Disfunctional family anyone? "Tournament".

April 5, 2005: After a hiatus of nearly two years I've finally written Going South: Day Fourteen in the After Images series, titled "The Long Memory of Trees".

January 18, 2005: A sequel to "Manning", called "Entering". Tristan gets some. So does Artorius (R-rated).

November 30, 2004: A story that's been lurking half-finished on my computer for almost a year and finished at last. Stephen teaches Jack a lesson he won't easily forget in "Natural History".

August 14, 2004: As if I needed another obsession... King Arthur's movieverse, and in particular the dangerously mysterious and utterly gorgeous Tristan have captured my heart and daydreams. Therefore: "Manning", a Tristan POV.

August 1, 2004: Have finally fixed the menu script, so the site should load much quicker now. Two newish stories: "Necessity", an Aragorn POV drabble and "Black", a return to old loves: Han/Luke, based on an image by the indescribably talented X.

February 28, 2004: In honour of Boromir's death day, a ficlet and a drabble, called respectively New "Tribute" and "Golden".

February 8, 2004: New Con Amore drabble: "Kindness".

February 5, 2004: New Con Amore drabble: "Greed".

January 24, 2004: New Con Amore drabble: "Zeal".

January 14, 2004: In the series about the Seven Deadly Sins and Seaven Heavenly Virtues a new drabble: "Sloth".

January 9, 2004: The Con Amore drabble is turning into a series about the Seven Deadly Sins and Seaven Heavenly Virtues. I have renamed the previous drabble to "Envy" and added a new one, its counterpart, namely "Love".

January 6, 2004: A Snarky!Stephen Maturin drabble, called "Con Amore".

January 1, 2004: First of all: a Happy New Year to everyone! In celebration of the new year I'm putting up a Luke/Han Star Wars story called "Red Shift" that was originally published in "Bystander: A New POV", a fan magazine produced by Pushing Pixels.
Furthermore, I've been redesigning my website, particularly because I've been branching off into other fandoms and pairings in the past year.. It is nowhere near finished, but I wanted to put it up anyway. Changes, mostly in the layout and not in the navigation of the site, will be added in the next few weeks.

December 27, 2003: It's official, I have a new OTP. :-) I have just finished my first foray into the world of Master and Commander, called "Ship's Rations". It was written as a birthday present for cruisedirector.

December 23, 2003: Sméagol/D&egacute;agol drabble :"Gifts" , written for the 'might-have-been' challenge at the LJ Lotr100 community

Old News

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