My Lord of the Rings stories

I started writing Lord of the Rings fan fic stories right after watching the movie for the first time. At the moment all my stories are slash, meaning they deal in one way or another with same sex relationships. If you haven't reached the legal age of consent, if you're not allowed to read homoerotic fiction in your part of the world, or if this simply isn't your cup of tea, there are countless other places you can visit.

My stories contain loving, more or less explicit depictions of love between men, so please heed the warnings attached to each story.

A writer writes because she has to tell a story, /her/ story, it's her life's breath. But knowing that what she has written is meaningful to others transcends mere breathing. It equals inhaling the sweet scent of roses in the gathering dusk. So, if my stories meant anything to you, I'd love it if you'd let me know.

Sasjah Miller