Master and Commander

"Ship's Rations" (December '03)

Pairing: Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin
Rated: PG-13
"Scarcity is not always a bad thing"
Written as a birthday present for cruisedirector. Ultraspeed and insightful beta by Menel.


"Incubation Period" (November '03)

Pairing: Errol Partridge/John Preston
Rated: PG-13
"It was a mistake that shouldn't have happened"

Harry Potter

"Small Talk" (September '03)

Pairing: Lucius Malfoy/Severus Snape
Rated: PG-13
"Lucius remembered jeering Mudblood comments"

Pirates of the Caribbean

"Captain's prerogative" (November '03)

Pairing: Will/Jack
Rated: NC-17
"It's a captain's duty to know what's going on aboard his ship."
A/N: Much thanks to cruisedirector for speedy beta
Dedication: For my darling cinzia's birthday.

"Swords" (September '03)

Pairing: Will/Jack
Rated: PG
"Jack prefers to stay away from edgy choices"
A/N: Thanks to cinzia and ashinae for quicksilver answers to my questions.
For cinzia, just because.

"All's Fair in Love and War" (August '03)

Pairing: Will/Jack
Rated: PG-13
"It's probably the cat"
Warning: here be slashy het
Written in 45 mins for the Contre La Montre "couch" challenge

The Prophecy

"Return to Innocence" (June '03)

Pairing: Lucifer/Thomas Daggett
Rated: strong R for sexual acts and profanity
"...but in the dark of the night the moonlight insinuates its way into your tiny room..."
For Ashinae, a birthday fic. Special thanks to Your Cruisedirector for speedy beta, and my undying love to her, Cinzia, and Ashinae for leading me into temptation that much needed kick in the butt.

Bend It Like Beckham

"Bent" (June '03)

Pairing: Jules/Jess
Rated: PG-13
"It's jetlag."
Note: a 100 words drabble.